Friday, 16 May 2008

15mm Napoleonics (Bavaria and Austrian) - and the winner is...

Napoleonics is one of the two eras (the other being WW2) that for some reason I always get drawn back to. I finished large Prussian, Russian and French armies some time ago and have not looked at the era for years.

The other day I was reading up on the Austrian invasion of Bavaria and I thought I would order and paint up both of these forces (of which I have no figures and limited books).

All of my Napoleonics are Minifigs so that seemed like the obvious way to continue. But I thought I would have a look around first to see what else was out there. I ordered some 20 samples from various manufacturers and have decided to go with Fantassin Miniagures range:

Here are the reasons why I choose them:

1) the figures are beautifully sculpted
2) there are a variety of poses in each package
3) the horses are well proportioned (in fact some of the best I have seen in this scale)
4) they have high level command packs (mounted Generals, mounted ADCs, officers etc.)
5) they have a comprehensive range of both Bavarian and Austrian troops
6) there is a discount when ordering division or battalion size packages
7) they have a good online shop
8) they have great photos of all their figures online (which makes a BIG difference for me)
9) they accept PayPal so no difficult international transactions
10) they have the most reasonable postage costs on the market (it kills me to pay for postage!)
11) there is no flash on the figures

The only thing "wrong" is that the limber crews do not exist for Bavaria.

Other than that I am a happy camper.

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