Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Swiss monks

The Swiss army of 1450 never went to war without a good blessing and these monks will do just the job. Figures by Essex (again) 15mm range and I intend to base them within the units of infantry. Click on the photos to supersize them.

Swiss Crossbow

The first of the Swiss come off the production line...
Swiss 15mm Essex Crossbow (click on the photo to supersize them)

Ottoman: Polish Allies: Winged Hussars

A couple of members of the OSW (an especially big thank you to Nick) were kind enough to let me know that single and double winged hussars saw service in the early 1700s in the Ottoman Army as Polish allies.

Pictured here are Polish double-winged hussars (figures by Essex Miniautres 15mm range) that form part of my 1711 Moldovian Campaign Ottoman army.
(click on the photos to supersize them)

Monday, 24 September 2007

Colonia lulia equestris / Swiss - flag and crest

Pictured below is a statue of a Swiss soldier circa 1450 holding the banner of Nyon. A unit of these locals will, of course, be included in my Swiss Army (1450s) but a decendant of them will also be found in my Seven Years War army for Colonia lulia equestris.

Bosnian Frontiersmen

About a month ago I finished a unit of Bosnian Frontiersmen for my Ottoman army of the 1700s. The figures are Essex Miniature Ottoman Arnault/ Martheloses musketeers (RNO13) to which I added Ottoman Mtd. General and body-guard (RNO18) as a command.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Essex Miniatures

I have recently purchased the following Essex Miniature Prussians from Henry, God only knows when I will find time to paint these 600+ figures!

SYP1 Prussian Musketeer advancing (96)
SYP2 Prussian Musketeer at the ready (56)
SYP3 Prussian Musketeer command (24)
SYP4 Prussian Fusilier advancing (128)
SYP6 Prussian Fusilier command (24)
SYP7 Prussian Grenadiers advancing (32)
SYP9 Prussian Grenadier command (12)
SYP23 Prussian J├Ąger de Noble advancing (24)
SYP13 Prussian Artillerymen (84)
SYP17 Prussian Dragoons (52)
SYP18 Prussian Dragoons command (6)
SYP15 Prussian Cuirassier(8)
SYP16 Prussian Cuirassier command (3)
SYP19 Prussian Hussar (mirliton) (15)
SYP21 Prussian Mounted General & Staff Officers (3)
SYP28 Von Kleist lancers (32)
SYP29 Von Kleist command (6)

I'll pick them up later this month when I go to the UK.

Sorting out the Prussians

My minifig SYW Prussian foot have arrived and the last few days I have been sorting them into units. This is how each of my Prussian Line Battalions will be organised:

60 Musketeers (4 divisions of 15 men in three rows)
6 Grenadiers (usually detached)
6 Colour Party (1x Officer, 1x Musketeer, 2x Flags, 2x Drummers)

Now where is my paint brush... I'll start with 2 Battalions and see how I get on.