Monday, 14 July 2008

Tercio - 72 man unit

Pictured here are three views of a pike and shot tercio (click on the photo to enlarge). Figures are 15mm Essex, from the ex- Hal Thinglum collection. Hal's 15mm collection are now with me and I promise to look after them with the upmost care. A lot of effort (and love) has been put into the creation of the collection. They are sitting on a medium sized hill.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hoplite Greek - infantry

When it comes to ancients no "collection" is complete without some Hoplite Greeks. Pictured here are a variety of colour schemes in the army. Figures are (I believe) old Donnington 15mm figures that scrub up quite well.

Hoplite Greek

These are old 15mm Donnington Hoplite Greek. These are the infantry / charioteers for their four horse sythed chariots. I can't wait till the chariots are ready for them to take to the field!

Renaissance sword

Some more Essex miniatures from the 15mm Renaissance range.

Renaissance foot command

Essex 15mm Renaissance figures, standard bearer and drummer.

15 mm modern SAS and Syrian

For my modern range of figures I have got some SAS in a variety of dress (black, urban, jungle etc.). These are "urban assault troops" and look mighty fierce. I have a variety of middle east armies, pictured below the SAS is the Syrian shock troops (their special forces).


15mm figures from Irregular Miniatures from their Colonial range.