Tuesday, 18 March 2008

25/ 28mm figures orders - scarey

I don't do 25/28 mm, really I don't! But for the UKBigBattalions game next October I have just ordered the following Sash and Saber figures. These are especially interesting since they are currently half price!

1) Prussian Regimental Pack
1x Prussian Hussar in Fur Cap (20 figures including command)

2) Prussian Regimental Pack
1 x Prussian Musketeers Advancing Shoulder Arms (50 figures including command)

Chris, at Sash and Saber, was extremely quick at sorting out my order, I hope the post brings them just as fast.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

6mm ACW - battalion

From the same range (Baccus 6mm) this is a line battalion with a few skirmishes out front. Unpainted - obviously. On a small wooden base that I also got from Baccus (60 x 30 mm).

6mm ACW - amazing!

I must admit that I am very impressed with my new Baccus 6mm ACW figures. Pictured here is a 6 horse limber, carriage and gun. [Click on the picture to enlarge]