Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Mounted officers

Prussian Mounted officers 15mm manufacturer unknown. If you know please drop me a line.
[Click to enlarge]

Prussian Infantry Standard Bearer

Minifigs, 15mm Prussian Standard Bearer.

Prussian Infantry of the Line

15 mm Minifigs.

Prussian Grenadier

Minifigs 15mm Grenadiers

Prussian officer

Close up of foot Officer (15mm Minifigs)


Close up of the drummer (Prussian drummer Minifigs 15mm)

7yw minifigs get primed

I started to prime my first two battalions (72 figures) of 15mm Minifigs. These are the five types that will make up a foot battalion.
From left to right: Grenadier, Musketeer, Standard Bearer, Foot Officer, Drummer. The ruler is mm and cm.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Malburian Dismounted Dragoons

Bavarian dismounted dragoons (note the sling for when they are mounted) from the Arco Regiment. 15 mm Dixon's miniatures.

SYW and Malburian

A few more battalions of foot take to the field. Pictured here are "Munster Regiment" of foot for the period 1700 - 1712. I have painted them for my East meets West Moldovian Campaign of 1711 but.... the OSW group have suggested that they might also be used as militia in imaginations Seven Years War!

These are also the last Malburians that I have so I will now crack on with my Seven Year War project in ernest.

Figures by Dixons Miniatures. These figures are extremely well done and very pleasant to paint. High relief means that buttons etc. can be painted easily.

Note that the drummers of this regiment wore the reverse colours.