Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Shanty town

At Salute I was rather taken to the new Shanty Town models from Wilson Wargames. They come in three sizes: small, medium and large (for 5, 10 and 20 GBP respectively). They are prefect for AK-47 (Peter Pig 15mm) range. Click on the phots to enlarge but the photos really don't do them justice. Note the extraordinary detail (i.e. the burnt out cars, the oil drums, posters on the walls). They are sitting on a desert 3 inch hex mat from Holtz Mats (which are also very nice).

Monday, 7 April 2008

25mm second order

The Sash and Saber order arrived just before the deadline of their amazing 50% off sale. The figures are so nice that I have put in a second order as follows (infantry contain 50 figures including commands, cavalry 20 figures also including commands):

2x RYPSI1 Prussian Musketeer Advancing Shoulder Arms (100 figs total)
3x RYPSI2 Prussian Fusilier Advancing Shoulder Arms (150)
1x RYPSI3 Prussian Grenadier Advancing Shoulder Arms (Prussian Cuff) (50)
1x RYPC1a Prussian Hussar in Mirliton (20)
1x RYRSI1 Russian Infantry in Kamzol (sleeved waistcoat) Advancing Shoulder Arms (50)
1 x RYPC1b Prussian Hussar in Fur Cap (20)

I will, therefore, have about 11 battalions of foot and 3 units of cavalry. Remember, I don't do 25mm!!

Prussian infantry - Sash and Saber

Pictured here are a) on top - line infantry (musket) b) drummers and c) standard bearers. Figures by Sash and Saber (25mm) Prussian Seven Years War.

Prussian arrive - they are good

The Sash and Saber figures arrived, pictured here are three different angles of the Prussian Hussars withfur cap and one photo of all the varients that arrived.