Thursday, 3 January 2008

More lead

More lead has arrived. At this rate I had better order some more paints and brushes!

Today's post has brought me some Boxer Rebellion troops:

50 x British and Russian Sailors
50 x Italian Bersalergi, German Sea Battalion and Civilians
50 x Chinese Boxers
50 x Chinese Imperial Troops
25 x Chinese Cavalry
10 x Chinese Artillery

In December I purchased a 15mm mud and wooden fort which will go nicely with this range. Tuku Fort here I come!

At the same time I topped up my WW2 figures for my Staligrad Campaign:

50 x Waffen SS
100 x German Rifles
50 x German in greatcoats
50 x Russian Tommy Gunners
50 x Russian Sailors
25 x Russian Cossack Cavalry - to pick off the straglers!
6 x Russian Heavy Mortars

I ordered these from Grandiosity, USA. With the dollar being weak (or is the Swiss Franc strong?) it was still cheaper to order and ship them from the USA than the UK. Crazy. Price aside I recommend the service of these chaps it was top notch.

Boxer figures are Old Glory (my first and I do like the look of them) and WW2 Command Decision (of which I have loads).


abdul666 said...

Man how do you manage such a multiplicity of wargaming projects?

I know it seems to be a characteristic (a bane?) of many wargamers...


MurdocK said...

goodness me!


you should address that soonest I should think!