Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Swiss pikes II

These Swiss pike are from the region of the Tessin, next to the Italian border.

Click on the photo to super-size it. I purchased these such a long time ago that I can not remember the manufacture's name - if anyone can help.


abdul666 said...

I like your pikemen, and more generally the very idea, and your realization, of a Swiss army of the Wars against Burgundy.
Yet, as a Lace Wars 'aficionado', I'm worried by: "Duchy of Colonia lulia equestris - wargamers blog (WAS: a seven years war army in the making ): did you drop the idea of an original SYW army of Colonia lulia equestris - or of a few mercenary regiments the 'Colonia'offers to rent?


Bluebear Jeff said...


You left some comments on my blog . . . and, while it has been quite a while since you've visited the 18th century on your blog, since you are building a "big battalion" unit or two, did you want to join the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog?

If so, email me at and I'll see that you get an invitation.

The RSMs are lovely figures . . . and at a great price on this side of the Atlantic. What shipping and any customs duties might be, I don't know.

Email Richard at . . . . . . and ask all of the questions you have about what normally comes in a "bag" (usually set up for two 18-man units).

If you will want (as I suspect you will) some special mixes of figures, they have always done so for me. Use my name if you want, but they'll be just as nice anyway.

-- Jeff Hudelson