Thursday, 6 September 2007

Essex Miniatures

I have recently purchased the following Essex Miniature Prussians from Henry, God only knows when I will find time to paint these 600+ figures!

SYP1 Prussian Musketeer advancing (96)
SYP2 Prussian Musketeer at the ready (56)
SYP3 Prussian Musketeer command (24)
SYP4 Prussian Fusilier advancing (128)
SYP6 Prussian Fusilier command (24)
SYP7 Prussian Grenadiers advancing (32)
SYP9 Prussian Grenadier command (12)
SYP23 Prussian J├Ąger de Noble advancing (24)
SYP13 Prussian Artillerymen (84)
SYP17 Prussian Dragoons (52)
SYP18 Prussian Dragoons command (6)
SYP15 Prussian Cuirassier(8)
SYP16 Prussian Cuirassier command (3)
SYP19 Prussian Hussar (mirliton) (15)
SYP21 Prussian Mounted General & Staff Officers (3)
SYP28 Von Kleist lancers (32)
SYP29 Von Kleist command (6)

I'll pick them up later this month when I go to the UK.


Bluebear Jeff said...

That's quite a collection!

By the way, it is nice to see you posting again.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Supported! We were worrying about the Fate of Colonia Iulia Equestris...
Ref your July 1st post: Nyon in Valais? Then we are almost neighbours (Lyon).
I took the liberty to post on my blog
devoted to the fictitious Lace Wars microcountry of Monte-Cristo, a description of mythical infantry uniforms inspirated by your idea of loaning, Swiss-fashion, regiments from your 'Colonia' to foreign powers: July post:
Foreign troops potentially in Monte-Cristan service
(labelled Uniforms)
Now I am uncertain about their flag, the 'national' color of the sash /'tie'knotted under the pikehead of the flag staff, and the livery of drummers. Of course I intended to base them on the main colors of the blason of Nyon (probably in descending order, i.e. color of the field of the coat-of-arms for the 'national' 'tie' and the main color of the drummers' coat, secondary & tertiary colors for the flags and the livery lace), but I was unable tofind a color image of the blason f Nyon on the web...